Students and Volunteers policy

Statement of Intent

Polstead Preschool believes that a placement for a student or volunteer at our Preschool is a valuable opportunity to build experience whilst learning about working within a childcare provision. Equally, we appreciate the positive contribution that such committed and enthusiastic people can bring to our Preschool.

However, at all times the needs of the children are paramount and therefore we need to restrict the number of students and volunteers admitted at any particular time, in order to minimise disruption to our core activities.

The Management Committee is responsible for ensuring that all students and volunteers working at our Preschool are suitable and that they will not detrimentally affect the service provided for children and their parents/carers. The Supervisor is responsible for supervising and supporting students and volunteers while they are at Preschool.

Trainees under 17 years of age are supervised at all times and are not counted in the staffing ratios. Where the Management Committee is satisfied that trainees aged 17 years or over are competent and responsible, they may be included in the staffing ratios.

All students and volunteers must submit two character referees and have undergone an identity check and a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) disclosure before they begin their placement at Preschool.

Preschool takes out employers’ liability insurance and public liability insurance, which covers both trainees and voluntary helpers.

The Management Committee will enter into a formal written agreement with students and volunteers at the start of the placement agreeing hours of work, dress code and expected behaviour within Preschool. This agreement will also detail what the student or volunteer can expect from Preschool. Students and volunteers must read, understand and sign the conditions of work before accepting or making a commitment to voluntary work.

Students will be encouraged to discuss their individual learning needs with the Supervisor when they start work at Preschool, and at regular intervals during their placement.

Students required to conduct child studies beyond Preschool’s normal activities (eg. conducting a survey or a group based activity) as part of their course will need to obtain appropriate written consent from the parents/carers of the children concerned.

The Management Committee will ensure that students and volunteers undertake the full induction process given to permanent staff, as set out in Preschool’s Staffing policy.

New students and volunteers will be allocated a member of staff who will have day to day responsibility for them and their needs while at Preschool.

Students and volunteers will be expected to adopt a professional manner at all times, and work within Preschool’s existing policies and procedures.

While on the placement, students and volunteers will be both allowed, and expected to participate in all aspects of work at Preschool, unless otherwise instructed by the Supervisor. Students and volunteers will attend staff meetings and be encouraged to contribute ideas and share opinions.

Regular supervision and appraisal sessions with the Supervisor and/or the designated member of staff will be established as a means of monitoring progress.

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