Site Security policy

Statement of Intent

Polstead Preschool is committed to providing care and play for children in a safe and secure environment. All staff have an individual and collective responsibility to ensure that they have continuous regard for the safety and security of all children at Preschool.


Parents/carers are encouraged to talk to their children about the importance of remaining safe and not leaving the premises during the session.

These messages will be reinforced by Preschool staff.

Safety and security procedures will be regularly reviewed by the Committee and Supervisor, in consultation with staff and parents/carers.


Children will not be left unsupervised at any time during sessions. In the event of staff shortages, available space will be restricted to ensure that children are adequately supervised, in accordance with staff ratios set out in the Staffing Policy.

The designated member of staff at the door will ensure that children and staff register on arrival and departure from Preschool.


Visitors must sign in on arrival and departure on the register, and provide the following information:

  • Their name
  • Signature
  • The date and time of their arrival
  • Organisation the person represents (or reason for visit)
  • Their departure time
  • Their signature on leaving

Visitors will not be left unsupervised with children at any time.

Staff have a duty to approach any visitor on the premises who has not signed in. They must introduce themselves and establish immediately who the visitor is and the reason for them being on the premises. If the visitor has no suitable reason to be on the premises, they will be asked to leave immediately and escorted from the premises. If the visitor refuses to leave, the police will be telephoned immediately.

A record will be made of any such incidents in the Incident Record Book, and the Committee/Owner will be immediately notified.

Ofsted will be informed of any significant changes or events.

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