Personal Care policy

Statement of Intent

Children and their families should not be excluded, or treated less favourably, because they have personal care needs - for example wearing nappies, having occasional “accidents” or needing ongoing support with personal care. We will work to ensure that every child and young person can easily access play experiences at Preschool.

We believe that children are entitled to:

  • Be consulted about their personal care, in accordance with their age and maturity.
  • Have personal care needs met by people they know and trust.

We believe that parents/carers are entitled to:

  • Be consulted about their child’s personal care, to ensure that it is sensitive to the family’s culture, and matched to the child’s needs.
  • The assurance that their child will, whenever possible, only receive personal care from people who know her/him well.
  • Support in managing ‘toilet training’.

We believe that staff are entitled to guidance or training to enable them to:

  • Listen to children’s preferences regarding personal care, and respect their rights to privacy and dignity.
  • Meet children’s individual needs.
  • Protect children and themselves from infection or inappropriate handling.
  • Feel informed and confident about their responsibilities for personal care with regard to current guidance and legislation.

The Committee/Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that changing areas are appropriately adapted and equipped.

Further guidance

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