Partnership with Parents and Carers policy

Statement of Intent

Polstead Preschool recognises that parents/carers play the fundamental role in a child’s development and this should be acknowledged as the basis for a partnership between preschool and parents/carers. Our preschool is run by a Management Committee made up of mostly parents and as such is reliant on parental involvement to be successful.

Preschool staff are committed to working in partnership with parents/carers to provide high quality, safe and stimulating care, learning and play opportunities for children. Preschool aims to achieve this by:

  • Ensuring that parents/carers are made to feel welcome and valued in all dealings with Preschool.
  • Maintaining a dialogue with parents to improve Preschool’s knowledge of the needs of their children and to support their families.
  • Informing all parents about how Preschool is run and its policies through access to written information and through regular informal communication. We check to ensure parents understand the information that is given to them.
  • Ensuring that parents’ concerns are always listened to whenever they are raised. The Supervisor will ensure that parents/carers receive a prompt response from Preschool.
  • Making all information and records held by Preschool on a child available to their parents/carers, unless it is subject to investigation by the police or other statutory agencies.
  • Encouraging parents/carers to comment on Preschool’s policies and procedures and consulting them on a regular basis about the activities that are planned and provided for their children.
  • Ensuring that there are regular opportunities for parents/carers to meet with staff and discuss their child’s progress and any problems that they might be encountering.
  • Ensuring that any complaints from parents/carers are dealt with swiftly and effectively in accordance with the provisions of the Complaints policy.
  • Encouraging parents/carers to undertake supportive roles in Preschool, such as volunteering as a parent helper, or participating in activities, visits or outings.
  • Encouraging parents/carers to help in the running of Preschool, including becoming involved in its management committee where appropriate.
  • Providing parents/carers with formal and, if necessary, confidential means to comment on the work of Preschool.
  • Informing parents of the date of an inspection, where Ofsted has notified Preschool in advance.
  • Ensuring parents are provided with copies of the inspection report within 5 working days of receiving the report.
  • Keeping parents/carers up to date with any changes in the operation of Preschool, such as alterations to the opening times or fee levels.

In compliance with the welfare requirements, the following documentation is in place:

  • Written information about Preschool, for example its admissions policy, hours, contact information, staffing, routines.
  • Complaints policy and complaints log.
  • Activities provided for children.

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