Equipment and Resources policy

Statement of Intent

Polstead Preschool is committed to providing children with access to a wide range of equipment that stimulates enjoyment, play, learning and development, both indoors and outdoors.

All furniture, toys and equipment are kept clean, well maintained and in good repair and in accordance with BS EN safety standards or the Toys (Safety) Regulations (1995) where applicable.

Equipment will be properly maintained and inspected in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. All electrical toys and equipment are subject to PAT (Portable Appliance Testing).

Relevant staff are made aware of the correct use of computers and other IT equipment. The Committee will ensure that safeguards are in place to prevent on line access by staff and children to inappropriate material.

Levels of staff supervision will be sufficient to ensure that the safety of children is assured, and set according to the type of equipment being used, along with the ages and number of children involved in a given activity.

All equipment and resources will be selected with care, and risk assessments carried out before new toys and equipment are obtained, according to the principles of the Risk Management policy.

Preschool has equipment and resources suitable for all children currently in attendance.

Preschool’s equipment and resources reflect positive images with regard to culture, ethnicity, gender, and disability.

Resources will, wherever possible, show men and women in a variety of roles and jobs, and people with different abilities being both active and creative. Examples of every day life will portray people from a variety of family groupings and cultural backgrounds in a range of non-stereotypical roles.

Preschool provides a wide selection of books that are regularly updated, as financial resources allow. The selection will aim to include reference books, dual language books and a range of age-appropriate formats. Staff are encouraged to select books that reflect a multicultural society, challenge stereotypes, and which meet the educational needs of the children.

Preschool has play equipment and resources that promote continuity and progression, provide sufficient challenge and meet the needs and interests of all children. The selection will include made, natural and recycled materials that are stimulating, clean, in good condition and safe for the children to use. Furniture will be provided that is suitable for children and adults. The Committee (Chair) will ensure adequate insurance cover for Preschool’s resources and equipment.

Outside Preschool’s opening hours, all equipment will be kept in a suitable and secure location, safe from unauthorised access or use. When discovered, defective or broken equipment will be removed immediately. Flammable equipment will be stored in a safe location away from sources of heat and/or naked flames.

The Preschool Supervisor is responsible for maintaining the Preschool’s Inventory Record and the Chair of the Management Committee is responsible for regularly reviewing the stock of equipment.

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