Attendance policy

Statement of Intent

Polstead Preschool views good attendance and punctuality as vitally important for the learning and well being of children. Children who attend Preschool regularly, arrive and are collected on time are more secure and better able to engage with the learning environment.

Roles and Responsibilities

Parents & Carers

  • To ensure their child attends every session unless they are unwell.
  • To try to avoid making appointments for their child that occur during Preschool time.
  • To inform the Preschool by telephone on the first day if a child is absent because of illness and again at regular intervals if the illness is prolonged.
  • To inform the Preschool if their child is going to be absent and to give the reason for the absence - this can be done by email, telephone or letter.
  • To write to the Supervisor to advise of holidays during term time.
  • To request permission for flexi-schooling if they wish to take their child out of Preschool on a regular basis to take part in an educational activity such as a swimming lesson.
  • To bring and collect their children promptly - please remember it is very distressing for children to be left until last.
  • Ensure that children are brought and collected by a responsible adult, over the age of 16.
  • Ensure that the Preschool is informed every time someone different will be collecting their child and that person has a password.
  • Bring children into the Preschool setting and ensure a member of staff is aware of their arrival.
  • Fees for missed sessions are still applicable and no replacement/alternate sessions are provided.


  • To ensure parents/carers understand the importance of punctuality and attendance.
  • To monitor attendance and punctuality on a session basis.
  • To speak informally to parents/carers if a child’s attendance is below the expected level of 95% or if poor punctuality seems to be having a significant effect upon the child’s education.
  • To write to parents if attendance remains low, or punctuality does not improve, after informal conversation.
  • To inform Children’s Social Care if poor attendance or punctuality indicates that the child’s welfare could be in jeopardy.
  • To withdraw the child’s place in extreme circumstances - but not if this could further endanger the welfare of the child.
  • To ensure strategies for encouraging good attendance are implemented.

Key persons

  • To monitor the attendance and punctuality of their key children and ensure a reason is obtained every time a child is absent from Preschool.
  • To inform the Supervisor if they have concerns about a child’s attendance or punctuality.
  • To be aware that poor attendance and/or punctuality could be a safeguarding issue and to respond in accordance with the Preschool’s Safeguarding Children Policy & Procedures.
  • To ensure that registers are accurately completed with late marks and reason codes for every absence.
  • To mark a child as being late if they arrive 20 minutes after the session has started.
  • To provide positive messages to parents/carers about the importance of punctuality and good attendance.

Members of the Management Committee

  • To agree, support, monitor and review the implementation of the Preschool’s policy on attendance.
  • To monitor attendance rates termly.
  • To monitor strategies for encouraging good attendance.

Glossary of Terms

Authorised Absence - sessions away from Preschool where there is a good reason e.g. illness, hospital appointment or other unavoidable cause.

Unauthorised Absence - those which Preschool does not consider reasonable and/or for which there has been no request for absence made or the request has not been granted. This includes :- keeping children off for trivial reasons, absences which have never been properly explained.

Further guidance

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  • Safeguarding Children Policy
  • Lost or Uncollected Child Policy
  • Security Policy

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