Our curriculum

At Polstead Preschool we aim to provide a broad curriculum that takes account of each child's interests and needs. We often invite visitors to the setting to further enrich learning opportunities for the children.

Learning real-life skills playfully during our woodwork session. The children have the opportunity to use hammers, drills, saws and other tools to construct their own models with sensitive adult support when needed.


Choosing herbs for our new herb garden. We encourage the children to explore nature, such as smelling and tasting the different herbs, and take an active part in caring for wildlife.

The development of fine motor skills is a key part of early learning and here the children are using a grabbing implement to remove bottle tops from a basin of water.


The children enjoy our baking session, where they learn to make bread, pizza, cakes or biscuits.


The children are very proud of the resulting product, which will be enjoyed by all at snack-time!

A visiting musician provides the opportunity to listen to and try out new instruments.

On our annual Farmer's visit the children have the chance to experience animals close-up, feeding the lamb and kid and stroking the hens and ferret.

Visitors, such as the fire service, provide the children with new information and hands-on experiences as well as an appreciation for what others do in the community.