Parent Helper guidance

What to do

Here is a general idea of what to do. We hope you enjoy being a parent helper. If you are unsure what to do, ask a member of staff. Ask staff when in doubt and please make sure you are familiar with Preschool policies.

Time What to do


Help welcoming children and settling them in

This is free play time. You could help with art activities, sit down and chat with the children or play with them. It is also helpful to exchange the children’s books in their book bags. A notice behind the door in the quiet room explains how to change the books. At the end of free play time (about 10.30), it’s “Tidy up time!” which is signalled by the lights being turned off for a few moments. Children and staff tidy up together.


Prepare snacks and staff drinks.

Towards the end of free play time, you will need to go to the kitchen to prepare the children’s snack and to make the staff teas and coffees. If your own child(ren) want to come to the kitchen with you, that is usually OK, but no children or babies are allowed in the kitchen on Mondays and Tuesdays because the Limes Club also use the kitchen on those days. Plastic plates, cups and jugs are kept in a large bag in the bottom of the staff cupboard in the main room. As you go into the kitchen, there is a cupboard on your left. (Ask staff for the key.) The fruit and vegetables and milk are kept in the “Preschool Fridge”. A list on the inside of the cupboard door tells you which three snack items children should have on each day. Cut up the fruit, vegetables or cheese into bite-size pieces and put them on the four large plates from the big bag. Remember that grapes and cherry tomatoes must be halved. Details of what drinks the staff like are on the back of the cupboard door.


Tidy up


Group time and Registration

The children go into the quiet room with a member of staff for registration.


Snack time


Outside Play/Bike time

While the children are outside, wash and dry cups, plates and jugs. You can use the dishwasher or wash them by hand. Please use Preschool tea towels which can be found in the Preschool cupboard and return the plates etc to the staff in the bag. If there is any extra time, you could help tidy away the snack tables, sweep the floor or ask a member of staff how you can help.


Music and Games

Have some fun and join in.


Story time in the quiet room

Ask staff if any other jobs need doing, or join in with storytime.

If you are over 70, please ask a member of staff for a liability disclaimer form, as the Preschool insurance will not cover you in the event of personal accident.

What NOT to do

Please DO NOT do the following:

  • Take the children to the toilet
  • Be alone with a child, e.g. in the quiet room with the doors shut
  • Change a child if they have wet themselves
  • Leave hot drinks in reach of children
  • Shout or tell children off
  • Use your mobile phone. You can keep your phone with you for emergencies but you should not send text messages, or take non-emergency phone calls and you must not take any photos.
  • Answer the front door

Thank you VERY MUCH for your help

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